I’ve had the great privilege of being invited by a number of schools and organisations to speak at student events and teacher conferences around the UK and abroad. I’m forever grateful for the positive feedback received from colleagues who have attended them. Please get in touch if interested in similar talks and training. My contact details are given at the bottom of this page.

“Waqar is an excellent teacher who is able to engage audiences of different types; he is knowledgeable and passionate about his subject and able to communicate complicated ideas in imaginative ways. We have enjoyed working with him and look forward to collaborating on teacher-training projects in the future.”
Charlotte Vardy – Director, Candle Conferences


Candle Conference GCSE Religious Studies Days – Manchester and Milton Keynes, October 2015. Presented on ‘Islam and Human Relationships’ and debated motion on ethics of genetic engineering with philosopher and author Dr Peter Vardy.


AIM Conference – London, March 2016. Presented on ‘God and the Problem of Evil’ to GCSE Religious Studies students. Privileged to meet the Most Rev Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster and most senior Catholic in England and Wales, who also spoke on the day.


“Waqar is a valued member of The London RE Hub who has delivered sessions that have been highly valued by our conference attendees. He is knowledgeable, insightful and communicates complex ideas in a way which enables all to understand. Any session he has lead has been oversubscribed, and people have left inspired and keen to find out more. Waqar is generous with his time, and we highly value and appreciate his input to our events. As an RE Hub, we would recommend Waqar as a speaker and training provider without hesitation”
Andy Lewis – The London RE Hub

Sitting on ‘Diversity in Islam’ panel at London RE Hub – April 2016

“Waqar’s session on Jihad at the London RE Hub was excellent. He delivered fresh, clear, engaging information on such a complex theme with good links with current affairs. His session was insightful for practical planning and classroom delivery and I strongly recommend his session to others interested in this topic.”
Lucia Silva-Clark – Head of Religious Education, Enfield Grammar School



Candle Conference Teaching Islam CPD – London, October 2016


Blue Coat C of E School

Interfaith Week Q&A – Blue Coat School in Coventry, November 2016



LTLRE North Conference ‘Sunni & Shi’a beliefs’ workshop – Liverpool, November 2016


“An excellent session delivered by an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate teacher. As a department going through changes to the GCSE specifications we urgently needed to up skill our staff and train them for teaching a religion we had previously only ever covered at a basic level. All staff left the Islam session feeling much more confident with the content and as though any questions they had were answered. Very pleased and would fully recommend Waqar’s services to other schools.”
Steph Rhodes – Curriculum Leader of Religious Studies, Parklands High School in Chorley


Teaching Islam CPD – Parklands High School in Chorley, March 2017


Teacher Training – Directorate of Education in Rabwah, Pakistan, April 2017. Four-day CPD of 80+ teachers of 9th-12th grade (equivalent of GCSE and A level) students in Ahmadiyya schools. Included sessions on a variety of teaching and learning strategies, differentiation, literacy, growth mindset and monitoring progress. (Read my blog here)



“Waqar is an engaging speaker with a remarkable ability to clearly explain complex ideas. He spoke to both teachers and students at our Islam Conference and both were better informed as a result of the session whilst also being suitably challenged. His extensive knowledge of the Qur’an and thought-provoking links to current affairs made for a very insightful day of presentations. In addition, Waqar’s approachable and good humoured manner made for a productive day of collaboration and learning. We are very keen to work with Waqar again in the future and would recommend his CPD sessions and publications.”
Hazel Harper – Head of Religious Studies, St Albans High School for Girls



Teaching Islam CPD & student lecture – St Albans High School for Girls, April 2017


“Waqar blended brilliantly into life at Henley-in-Arden School for the day. He was welcoming and approachable to students and staff. As a school, we were impressed by his knowledge of the topics and the GCSE specification. Waqar had a difficult day ahead of him with 90 Year 11’s for five hours in one space. Waqar kept the students engaged and was positive throughout the day. Waqar’s talents meant the day was a true success for everyone involved. We look forward to collaborating with him in the future.”
Amber Shipley – Religious Education Department, Henley-in-Arden School


GCSE Religious Studies Revision Day – Henley-in-Arden School, May 2017


“The training was well structured and exceptionally well delivered. Waqar was knowledgeable, not just about Islam but also about links between faiths. He had clear informative PowerPoints and used them very effectively. He genuinely welcomed and encouraged our questions and was able to give in depth answers. Every part of the day was of great benefit to us and even though we represented a wide range of teaching experience and subject knowledge every member of the team felt that they came away with an improved understanding. The training itself was an inspiring and insightful exploration of Islam. It was a real privilege to learn from such a skilled, knowledgeable and genuinely passionate colleague.”
Nikki Mann – RE Subject Leader, Ripley St Thomas Church of England Academy, Lancaster

Teaching Islam CPD – Ripley St Thomas Church of England Academy in Lancaster, June 2017



RE GCSE Conference – South Bromsgrove High, June 2017. Led one of the Islam workshops attended by 30+ delegates. In the left  picture, with organiser Chris Giles and faith experts Sushma Sahajpal (Hinduism), Venerable Tenzin Choesang (Buddhism), Gerry Cohen (Judaism) and Razwan Ul-Haq (Islamophobia) who ran other sessions. On the right, with my ex-colleague and Head of RE at Handsworth Grammar School, Vicki Donoghue, promoting ‘I love RE’ cupcakes and the new Oxford Teacher Handbook on GCSE Islam!



“Waqar’s session with our RE department was really useful and focused on the aspects of Islam that we requested help with. I personally feel more confident in my ability to teach these aspects to the expected standard. Waqar also answered some of the key questions we had.” 
Lauren Clarke – Head of Humanities, Holyhead School, Birmingham

Teaching Islam CPD – Holyhead School in Birmingham, July 2017


Learning about Islam Day – Southend High School for Boys, July 2017. Speaking to 300 Year 7 & 8 pupils in an assembly and explaining core beliefs to 250+ Year 9 & 10 GCSE students.



‘Why RE Matters Today’ conference – Sheffield, November 2017. Organised by Sheffield’s Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE). Pictured here with fellow keynote speakers Aaqil Ahmed (former Head of Religion and Ethics programming at BBC & Channel 4) and Fiona Moss (National Association of Teachers of RE). Attended by 30+ delegates from primary and secondary backgrounds. Ran a workshop on Islam in the afternoon. 

“The session was absolutely brilliant! I really enjoyed it and got so much from it.
Alisha Ellahi – Teacher of Religious Education, Firth Park Academy, Sheffield



GCSE Islam Day – King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford, April 2018. Spoke to 300 Year 9 & 10 GCSE pupils about core Muslim beliefs, justice and jihad. Pictured here with Head of RE Lizzy Charlton.

“Thanks again for today. The students were really engaged and found your presentations extremely informative.”
Lizzy Charlton – Head of Religious Education, King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford



A level Islam Study Day – Croydon High School, May 2018. Covered various topics including sources of authority, prophethood, formation of Sunni and Shi’a traditions, religious freedom and gender equality.

“Thanks so much for all your input. The girls certainly got a lot out of the sessions in terms of reassurance, additional content, and hints and tips that will be invaluable for their RS exam. Your subject knowledge was exceptional as anticipated. I only wish we had more time to cover even more.”
Samantha Kelly – Head of Religious Studies, Croydon High School


“As a teacher with vast experience Waqar knows that not everyone is on a level pegging when it comes to subject knowledge for RE! I have experienced his services in the same room as RE teachers with many years of experience, some non-specialists and also with a number of student teachers, almost ready to complete their PGCE. I felt that his approach was open, he was understanding of the levels of subject knowledge and focused on what was important for the audience. I have also worked with Waqar as a fellow Head of RE in my neighbouring school. I have enjoyed an on-going dialogue with him where he has been more than happy to answer any questions, especially about Islam. I fully recommend him as a trainer and presenter.”
Sue Goult – Head of Religious Education, Kings Norton Boys’ School, Birmingham

“Myself and several other RE trainee teachers attended a teacher meet at the University of Birmingham. Waqar gave an extremely detailed talk on Islam which also challenged common misconceptions about the faith. The talk included information about both Sunni and Shi’a Islam which would be relevant in the new GCSE specifications, and assist teachers in their planning and teaching along with recommended additional reading. It was great to have a talk from both a faith expert and a teacher of RE. I would highly recommend him”
Chelsea Barnfield – RE Teacher and Head of PSHE, Cove School, Hampshire

You can also view customer reviews of my Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies textbooks, published by Oxford University Press, and read my blog about my experiences of writing them.

Email: waqarahmedi@hotmail.com

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/waqar-ahmedi-7665a8102

Twitter: @WaqarAhmedi

Updates are made to this page.



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